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Fabric Tape Information

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Attaching Fabric Iron On Tape, TZFA6

1. Correctly insert the fabric tape cassette in the PTouch machine and print the label.

2. Use scissors to cut the tape that was fed out.

3. Iron the garment to flatten it.

4. Position the printed label so that it can be read correctly and placethe fabric tape on the garment at the location where you wish to attach it.

5. Cover the fabric tape with a scrap piece of fabric, set the iron to amedium-high temperature then press down firmly on the scrap piece of fabric with the iron for 10 to 15 seconds.

6. Carefully remove the scrap piece of fabric.

- For best results, attach the fabric tape to garments with smooth surfaces and made from 100% linen, 100% cotton or cotton and polyester blends.

- Any cloth with long strands of thread (such as pile), a rough surface woven using thick threads (such as denim), or a waterproof surface is not suitable since the fabric tape will not adhere properly to it. Heat-sensitive materials are unsuitable since they may be damaged when pressed with an iron at high temperature.

- Do not move the iron while pressing since this may cause the fabric tape to move out of the desired position. Press the iron straight down onto the scrap fabric.

- Do not place the iron directly onto the fabric tape since the printed message will adhere to the iron. Some of the printed message may become attached to the scrap fabric, therefore, be sure to iron over a piece offabric that is no longer needed.

- The fabric tape attaches perfectly if the iron is forcefully pressed straight down. If the iron is not pressed down with enough force or the iron temperature is too low, the fabric tape will not completely attach to the fabric and may peel off while washing. After covering the fabric tape with another piece of fabric and pressing down on them with an iron, allow the fabric pieces to cool, then press down on the left and right fabric tape edges for another 10 to 15 seconds each. If theedges of the fabric tape begin to peel off after being washed a few times, try pressing them down again.

- Although the fabric tape is non-toxic, do not place it in your mouth.


- Garments with correctly attached fabric tape can be washed or dry-cleaned over 30 times. General mild or alkaline detergents may be used.

- The fabric tape may become discolored if the garment is placed in bleach for an extended length of time.


- See the iron temperature according to the fabric of the garment that the fabric tape is attached to.

- Be sure to place a scrap piece of fabric between the iron and the fabric tape when ironing in order to prevent the message printed on the fabric tape from adhering to the iron.


- Place a scrap piece of fabric over the fabric tape, press down firmly with an iron set to medium-high temperature, then use tweezers to peel off the fabric tape starting from its edge. Some adhesive may remain on the garment. The fabric tape and the iron are extremely hot. Be careful not to burn yourself.

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