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How do I set up my Brother machineÂ’s built-in Message Center?

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Your Brother machine has a built-in digital Message Center that allows you to store up to 30 minutes of incoming voice messages or up to 20 pages of incoming fax messages. The number of pages you can store in memory will vary depending on the content of the pages and the resolution used. The Message Center#s memory is shared between fax and voice messages, which are stored on a #first come, first served# basis. You must set up the Message Center in the following order:


1. Press MENU/SET, 8 (Setup Msg Ctr), 3 (OGM).

2. Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to select #Msg Ctr OGM.#

NOTE: This is the ONLY setting you can choose if you want to enable the Message Center.

3. Press MENU/SET.

4. Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to select #RECORD OGM?#

5. Press MENU/SET key.

6. Pick up the Brother machine#s handset and record your outgoing message. For example: #Hello. We are unable to take your call at this time. Please leave a message after the signal. If you wish to send a fax, please press *51, wait until you hear fax tones, then press your fax machine#s Start button.#

NOTE: Your outgoing message must be less than 20 seconds long.

7. Replace the handset. The Message Center will play back your outgoing message.

8. Press STOP/EXIT.


Before you activate Message Center mode, you must determine what types of messages you would like the Message Center to store. You can choose whether the Message Center stores incoming fax messages, incoming voice messages, or both fax and voice messages. To set Message Storage, pleasefollow these steps:

1. Press MENU/SET, 8 (Setup Msg Ctr), 1 (Msg Storage).

2. The LCD will display #FAX.# Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to turn fax storage on or off.

3. Press MENU/SET.

4. The LCD will display #VOICE.#

- If you want to store voice messages on your Brother machine#s Message Center, press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to select #ON.#

- If you want to store voice messages on an external answering machine that is connected to your Brother machine#s EXT jack, press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to select #EXT.#

- If you do not want to store voice messages, press the UP OR DOWN ARROWkey to select #OFF.#

5. Press MENU/SET.

6. Press STOP/EXIT.


To activate Message Center mode, press and hold the MESSAGE CENTER key until the LCD reads #MC: MSG CTR.#

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