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How do I configure the wireless printer and install the printer driver using a wireless Macintosh OS X 10.2.4 or greater? (Unable to Print)

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By default, the Wireless networking function is not enabled. To use the printer wireless, you must ENABLE the wireless LAN function.

To enable wireless:

1. Press the - key until Network is displayed. Press the SET button.

2. Press the + key until WLAN is displayed. Press the SET button.

3. WLAN will be displayed. Press the SET button.

4. Press the + key until =ON is displayed. Press the SET button.

5. Press the GO button to return the printer to Ready.

If you have previously configured the wireless settings of the printer, you must reset the NETWORK CARD settings before you can configure the wireless settings again.

1. Press the + or - button to choose NETWORK. Press Set.

2. Press the + or - button to choose FACTORY RESET. Press Set.

3. Press Set again.

Installation using a wireless computer

1. Make sure that the printer power switch is on.

2. Click Install Printer Driver on the menu screen.

3. Click Wireless Network users.

4. Choose Wireless Setup and Driver Install,and then click Next.

5. Choose Automatic (Recommended) and then click Next.

6. Choose I#m not able to connect my device to my access point with a network cable and then click Next.

7. If you have chosen This PC has wireless capability, check I am using an access point in infrastructure mode, and then click Next. If you choose This PC uses a network cable to connect to the wireless network, you must configure the wireless settings from the control panel. Click Next and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. (See Chapter 3 in the Network Users Guide on the CD-ROM.) When finished, go to the driver installation in step 16.

8. You need to temporarily change your computer#s wireless settings. Please follow the on-screen instructions. Please make sure you take notes on all the settings such as SSID or channel of your computer. You will need them to return your computer back to its original wireless settings. Click Next.

9. To communicate with the un-configured wireless printer, temporarily change the wireless settings on your computer to match printer#s defaultsettings shown on this screen. Check Checked and confirmed, and then click Next.

Note: See the Users Guide of your Network Interface or your computer for how to change the wireless settings. You can temporarily change the wireless settings on your computer, following the steps below:

A. Click the AirPort status icon and select. Open Internet Connect....

B. Click the Network tab to see the available wireless devices. You can see the Brother wireless print server in the Network option. Select SETUP.

C. Your wireless network is connected successfully.

10. If more than one wireless printer is available on the network, the following list appears. If the list is blank, check if the access point and the printer are powered on, and then click Refresh. Choose the printer you wish to configure, and click Next.

Note: The Default Node name of the printers network card is BRW_XXXXXX (where XXXXXX is the last six digits of the Ethernet address). If you are using Personal Firewall software, temporarily disable it.

11. The wizard will search for wireless networks available from your printer. If more than one wireless network is available, the following list appears. Choose the wireless network you wish to associate the printer with, and then click Next.

Note: SETUP is the default SSID of the printer. Do not choose this SSID.If the list is blank, check that the printer is within range of the access point for wireless communication. Then, click Refresh. If your target wireless network does not appear on the list, you can manually add it by clicking the Add button. Follow the on-screen instructions forentering the Name (SSID) and the Channel number.

12. If your network is not configured for Authentication and Encryption,the following screen will appear. To continue installation, click OK. Goto Step 14.

13. If your network is configured for Authentication and Encryption the following screen will appear. When configuring your Brother wireless printer, you must ensure that it is configured to match the Authentication and Encryption settings of your existing wireless network. Choose the Authentication Method and Encryption Mode from the pull-downs in each setting box. Then enter the Network Key and click Next.

Note: If you want to set more than one WEP key, click Advanced. If you do not know the Authentication or Encryption settings for your network contact your network administrator.

14. Click Next. The settings will be sent to your printer. The settings will remain unchanged if you click Cancel.

Note: If you want to manually enter the IP address settings of your printer, click Change IP Address and enter the necessary IP address settings for your network. After making your selection, click Next and the Wizard will search for available wireless networks.

15. Using the information you recorded in step 8, return the wireless settings of your computer back to their original settings. Check Checkedand confirmed, and then click Next.

Installing The Printer Driver

Note: DO NOT try to cancel any of the screens during this installation. If your wireless settings fail, an error message will appear during theinstallation of printer driver and the installation will be terminated. If you encounter this failure, please go to step 1 and setup the wireless connection again.

16. The driver installation starts. Follow the on-screen instructions and restart your Macintosh.

17. Click Go, then Applications.

18. Double-click the Utilities folder.

19. Double-click the Printer Setup Utility icon.

Note: For Mac OS X 10.2 users, open the Print Center icon.

20. Click Add.

For Mac OS 10.2.4 to 10.3 users: Go to the next step.

For Mac OS 10.4 or greater users: Go to Step 23.

21. Make the following selection.

22. Choose Brother HL-5280DW series, and then click Add. Go to Step 24.

23. Choose Brother HL-5280DW series, and then click Add.

Note: If there is more than one of the same model printer (HL-5280DW) connected on your network, the Ethernet address (MAC address) will be displayed after the model name.

24. Click Printer Setup Utility, then Quit Printer Setup Utility.

The setup is now complete.

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