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Description of Problem 100000001942

Can I use P-touch Editor 3.x and P-touch Editor 4.x together?

Description of Solution 200000002517

Different versions of P-touch Editor can be used together in the same environment on the same computer.

You can install P-touch Editor 3x, P-touch Editor 4.0, and P-touch Editor 4.1 to your personal computer as separate applications to separate folders.

Since each version has the same file extension, lbl, check the specifications below and pay attention to file compatibility.

.lbl files which are saved with P-touch Editor 3.x can be loaded with P-touch Editor 4.x

Files which are saved with P-touch Editor 4.x cannot be loaded with P-touch Editor 3.x.

P-touch Editor 4.0 and P-touch Editor 4.1 have complete file compatibility

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