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Description of Problem 100000001943

How to insert a barcode onto the label layout in P-touch Editor 5.x?

Description of Solution 200000002518

1. Open PTouch Editor 5.X application.


2. Click on Insert in the menu bar and select Bar Code, the Bar Code Properties dialogue box will appear.




3. Select a Barcode type.

a.    In the Bar Code Properties dialogue box, click on the Protocol tab.

b.    Select the type of barcode you desire by clicking on the name of the barcode. 


The picture below shows that barcode Code39 is selected with the Description of CODE39 below the listing.


a)    Explanation of barcode CODE39

b)    Next to the heading Characters is the list of characters can be used for the selected barcode.

c)    The picture below shows that the CODE39 barcode data can contains letters, but they must be in upper case letter can not be lower case.

d)    Next to Number of Digits, it indicates that you can have up to 250 characters for the CODE39 barcode data. 


Note: Other barcode protocol may not allow letters in the data and limit the number of characters in the data.  It is the specification of the selected barcode, it can not be change.



4.    Click on the Setup tab, there will be some options available for you to select, it depends on the type of barcode protocol you have selected.


a.    # of Characters you can limit the # of characters that can be input for the barcode data. 


Note: This option is not available for all protocols.


b.    Add Margins adds a blank space at the beginning and at the end of the bar.


Note: Deselecting this option may cause the barcode scanner unable to read the barcode printed on the label.


c.    Check Digit adds a character to the barcode data.  It decreases the chance of barcode scanner reading the barcode incorrectly.

d.    Width is the width setting of the barcode.

e.    Ratio is the ratio of the thickness of the lines in the bars.  Smaller the ratio, smaller the barcode printed on the label.

f.     Show Characters puts the barcode characters below the barcode and selections for were to positioning the characters under the barcode.


Note: The options affect the size of the barcode printed on the label; keep in mind the smaller the barcode the more difficult for the barcode scanner to read the barcode.



5. Click on the Input tab, type in the data for the barcode, and then click OK.



6. After clicking OK it will bring you back to the PTouch Editor 5.x window.  At this window you can resize or reposition the barcode, add text to the layout.



Note: The following suggestions are recommended when creating or printing bar code labels.


Please verify the bar code readability with your specific bar code scanner.


The bar code width should be set to the largest dimensions possible. If the bar code size is too small, the bar code reader may not be able to scan the bar code.


Continuously printing a large number of labels with bar codes can overheat the print head, which many affect printing quality.


Bar codes should be printed in black on white labels. The bar code reader may not be able to scan labels created with other substrate colors.


Give priority to Print Quality option is suggested when printing bar codes.  

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