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How do I change the character font size?

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1. Press the Fn(Function) key.


2. Press the LEFT or the RIGHT arrow key until “Size” is displayed.


3. Press the OK key; the current size setting will be on the display.


4. Press the LEFT or the RIGHT arrow key until the desire size (Large, Medium, or Small) is displayed.


Note: There are three character size settings, Large, Medium, and Small. Besides the setting of the machine, the physical character size printed on the label also varies with the tape width.  For example the character size Medium printed on a ½-inch tape is different from a 3/8-inch tape, even though the same character size is set for both tapes. There are four tape width sizes that can be use with this machine, ½-inch, 3/8-inch, ¼-inch and 9/64-inch. Each tape width (except for the 9/64-inch) has its own set of Large, Medium, and Small character sizes.  The character size setting has no affects on the 9/64-inch tape; the machine will automatically prints the largest character size that will fit the 9/64-inch tape.




5. Press the OK key to apply the selected size.


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