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How do I install the correction tape?

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To install the correction tape:

1. Use the spacebar or backspace to move the carrier to the center of the platen.

2. Turn the machine off and unplug it from the AC outlet. Open the Top Cover and remove the cassette ribbon, if installed.

3. Pull off both old spools and holding the correction tape taut betweenthe spools, bring the correction tape to a position parallel with the platen and lift it up and out.

4. Pass the new tape through left guide, behind the ribbon guide and outthrough the right guide. The rough (sticky) side of the tape should face the platen.

5. Attach the feeder spool to the pin on the left.

6. Attach the take up spool to the pin on the right. Turn the take up spool counter-clockwise until a small amount of white tape has wound around it.

7. Replace the cassette ribbon and close the top cover. Plug in the AC plug and turn on the machine.

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