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Description of Problem 100000002670

How do I improve the lift off correction quality?

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"To ensure best performance from your machine only use Brother Manufactured Ribbons and Tapes. We cannot guarantee any other manufacturer's Ribbons or Tapes.

1. Install a new Brother Correction Tape and confirm the color of the spools match the Rewind Knob on the Brother Ribbon Cassette.

2.Confirm the Correction Tape and the Ribbon Cassette are installed properly. The correction tape should be struck by the daisy wheel pedalwhen correcting and the rough (sticky) side of the correction tape should be facing the paper.

To clear the memory of your machine and set it to the factory defaults:

3. Turn on the Power.

4. Press and hold down the ""CODE"" Key and the ""SHIFT"" Key, then holddown the ""WORD OUT"" Key in that order.

5. While holding down all three Keys the machine will reset. Once the machine begins to reset release all three Keys.

If the problem continues, your unit will need servicing. You can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center in your area:

or for automated assistance by telephone, dial (1-800-284-4357) and select Option 2 to access our fax back system. This system can provide you with printed information via facsimile or a verbal listing of the Authorized Service Centers in your area.


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