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How do I install the correction tape?

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"To ensure best performance from your machine only use Brother Manufactured Ribbons and Correction Tapes. We cannot guarantee any othermanufacturer's Ribbons or Tapes.

1. Use the Spacebar or Backspace Key to move the Carrier to the center of the typewriter. Then turn off the typewriter and unplug the unit fromthe AC outlet.

2. Open the Top Cover and remove the Cassette Ribbon, if installed.

3. First remove the old Correction Tape. Pull off both Correction Tape Spools by holding the Spools and pulling the left Spool towards the leftand the right Spool towards the right. Hold the Correction Tape taut between the spools, bring the Correction Tape to a position parallel with the Platen and lift up and out.

4. Unwind about 8 inches of tape from the new Correction Spool.

5. With the Correction Tape Spool on your left hand and the take up Correction Spool (the one with the knob) on your right hand, position the Correction Tape so that the smooth shinny surface facing you. The rough (sticky) side of the Tape should face the Platen.

6. Place the Correction Tape behind the two metal fingers on the Paper Guide, so that the correction tape does not touch the Platen or the Daisy Wheel.

7. Insert the correction tape spool into the holder on the left side of the carriage so that the tape coming out of the spool is on top.

8. Install the take up spool to the right side of the carriage the same way; the tape is on top of the spool.

9.Turn the take up spool counter-clockwise until the correction tape is taut, no slack.

10.Replace the cassette ribbon and close the top cover, plug in the AC cord to the AC outlet, and turn on the typewriter.


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