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Description of Problem 100000002674

When I turn the unit on for the first time I hear a grinding noise, why?

Description of Solution 200000003353

Examine the machine to confirm all the Packing Pieces, usually white in color, have been removed from the Carrier area during un-boxing, one piece is on the Ribbon Cassette, to remove lift straight up. To see one of the Pieces you may have to remove the Ribbon Cassette, it is next to the bottom of the carrier; this piece is used to hold the Carrier at thefar right end of its travel. To remove pinch the vertical portion and lift up.

If the problem continues, your unit will need servicing. You can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center in your area:

or for automated assistance by telephone, dial (1-800-284-4357) and select Option 2 to access our fax back system. This system can provide you with printed information via facsimile or a verbal listing of the Authorized Service Centers in your area.


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