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Why is my machine not printing?

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f your machine is not printing properly:

1.Examine the ribbon cartridge to make sure it has not run out of Ribbon. If your ribbon appears silver or gray, install a new cartridge.

2. Ensure the black lever in the center of the carriage is pressed to the rear, towards the paper. If not press it to the rear to lock the Daisy Wheel into place.

3. With the typewriter turned off, press and hold down the "CODE" Key, the "SHIFT' Key, and the "TAB" Key.

4.Restore power with all three Keys depressed.

5.When the machine sounds a beep tone, release all three keys.

6.The carrier will move to the left indicating that the memory has been cleared and the machine has been reset.

7.Try typing.

If the problem continues, your unit will need servicing. You can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center in your area:

or for automated assistance by telephone, dial (1-800-284-4357) and select Option 2 to access our fax back system. This system can provide you with printed information via facsimile or a verbal listing of the Authorized Service Centers in your area.


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