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Description of Problem 100000002722

My machine has no power, what can I do to correct this?

Description of Solution 200000003403

f your machine has no power:

Ensure the unit is securely plugged into a working AC power outlet.

Ensure the power switch located on the bottom left corner is turned on.

If the problem persists and your unit is still within Warranty, you can visit our website at fora Brother Authorized Service Center near you or contact our Customer Service Center at (1-901-379-1010). If you are out of warranty, you need to contact a Brother Authorized Service Center at the web address provided.

If the problem persists and your unit is outside the warranty period, click here to locate a Brother Authorized Service Center in your area for automated assistance by telephone, dial (1-800-284-4357) and select Option 2 to access our fax back system. This system can provide you with printed information via facsimile or verbal listings of the Authorized Service Centers in your area.

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