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How do I change the number of times my Brother machine rings before it answers? (Ring Delay)

Description of Solution 200000003706

The Ring Delay setting determines the number of times your Brother machine rings before it answers in FAX ONLY or FAX/TEL mode. If your Brother machine shares a line with other telephones, or if you subscribeto your telephone company#s Distinctive Ring service, you should keep the Ring Delay#s default setting of 4 rings. To change your Brother machine#s Ring Delay setting, please follow these steps:

1. Press MENU/SET, 2 (Setup Receive), 1 (Ring Delay).

2. Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to select the number of times the fax machine will ring before it answers. You can choose to have the fax machine ring from 00 to 04 times. Please note that if you set the Ring Delay to 00, the fax machine will not ring at all.

3. Press the MENU/SET key to confirm your choice.

4. Press the STOP/EXIT key to exit the menu.

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