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Description of Problem 100000003187

How do I change the font size?

Description of Solution 200000003888

"1. Press the GREEN ""F"" function key.

2. Press the #Left# or the #Right# arrow key until SIZE is displayed.

3. Press the #Return# key, which is the key with the broken arrow pointing left.

4. Press the #Left# or the #Right# arrow key until the desired size is displayed.

a. SIZE1 equals Standard Size (11 points).

b. SIZE2 equals Double Width.

c. SIZE3 equals Double Height.

d. SIZE4 equals Double Width & Double Height (22 points).

e. SIZE5 equals 4 x Width & Double Height.

f. AUTO, the machine will automatically adjust the characters to the largest possible size according to the width of the tape installed in the machine.

5. Press the #Return# key, to apply the selected font size. "

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