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Description of Problem 100000003191

How do I store the text into memory?

Description of Solution 200000003892

"1. Press the GREEN #F# function key.

2. Press the #9# Key, the display shows [MEMORY].

3. Press the #Return# key (the key with the broken arrow pointing left),the display shows [STORE].

4. Press the #Return# key, the display shows [1-9?].

5. Press a number key #0 # 9# for the file number (location) where you wish to store the text.

6. The display shows the number pressed for the memory location and a question mark [#?].

7. Press the #Return# key to store the text to that location.

Note: If [ERROR] appears on the display, there could be text already stored in that location or there is no text to store into the memory."

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