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What are the cleaning sheets for? When do I use them?

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Occasionally lint or dirt from the roller may become stuck on the print head and cause poor print quality, white lines or streaks. If this occurs, use the cleaning sheets to clean the roller.

1. Turn OFF the QL machine.

2. Hold the DK Roll compartment cover at the sides near the front of theQL machine and firmly lift up to open the cover.

3. Remove the DK Roll. Be sure to remove the DK Roll before cleaning theroller. The roller cleaning function will not operate correctly if the DK Roll is not removed.

4. Thread the end of the Cleaning Sheet into the slot immediately beforethe cutter. Do not peel off section 2 of the sheet. Make sure that the printed surface of the Cleaning Sheet is facing up.

5. After the Cleaning Sheet is inserted in the slot, peel of section 2 of the sheet.

6. Turn ON the QL machine.

7. Press and hold the Feed button for at least one second. The roller rotates for 4".

The length of the Cleaning Sheet is 3 inches. Pressing the Feed button for less than one second makes the roller rotate for 1/3 inch only.

The adhesive surface of the Cleaning Sheet removes any dirt and lint from the roller, and cleaning is then completed. A Cleaning Sheet can only be used one time.

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