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Can I cancel a scheduled fax job that is pending on my Brother machine?

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To cancel a fax job that is stored and waiting in memory follow the steps listed below:

You can cancel functions that you have scheduled, such as Polling or Delayed Faxing. To cancel pending jobs, please follow these steps:

1. Press MENU/SET, 4 (Cancel Job). The LCD will display any waiting jobs. If there are no pending jobs, the LCD will display #NO JOB WAITING#.

2. If you only have one job waiting, go to STEP 3.


If you have more than one job waiting, press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key toselect the job you want to cancel, and then press MENU/SET.

3. Press 1 to cancel the selected job. To cancel another pending job, return to STEP 2.


Press 2 to exit without canceling.

4. Press STOP/EXIT.

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