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Description of Problem 100000006647

During the installation of the MFL-Pro Suite software I receive an IS052 error. What can I do?

Description of Solution 200000008078

This can be caused by interference with third party anti-virus or firewall programs, or a problem within the computer's registry settings.

NOTE: Any enabled anti-virus/firewall programs should be temporarily disabled during the reinstallation of the Brother MFL-Pro Suite software such as Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, AVG, etc.

1. If the MFL-Pro software is already installed uninstall it first before proceeding any further. If you are in the process of installing the MFL-Pro Suite software and the ISO52 error is on the screen cancel the installation and continue to STEP 2.


2. Temporarily disable any third party anti-virus or firewall programs.


-      If you are not sure how to temporarily disable your third party anti-virus or firewall programs please contact the manufacturer of these programs for further assistance.


-      If you are able to successfully disable your anti-virus or firewall program continue to STEP 3.


3. Attempt to reinstall the MFL-Pro Suite software with the third party antivirus or firewall program disabled.


4. If disabling your third party anti-virus or firewall does not resolve the issue, this indicates an issue within the computer's registry settings. Please contact the computer manufacturer for further assistance.


NOTE: In the event the IS052 error still occurs, the Brother machine should still be able to print. This issue only affects the scanner driver installation.



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