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My Brother machine has no power. What can I do?

Description of Solution 200000009406

If the Brother machine does not appear to have power follow the steps listed below:


1. If the display is blank, verify the plug is connected into the power outlet.  If the power cord is connected to a surge protector or power   switch, remove the cord from the device and connect it directly to the outlet.


2. If the display still remains blank, test the outlet with another device (a working lamp, radio etc.). 


-         If that device does not work, the problem is related to the outlet or circuit.

-         You may also need to check for blown circuit.

-         If a wall switch controls the outlet verify the switch is in the ON position. 

-         Another option would be to move the Brother machine and connect it to a verified working outlet (tested with a working lamp, radio, etc).


If the problem continues and your machine is within warranty, you can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center (ASC) in your area by clicking on the link below:  or contact Brother Customer Service by calling 1-877-Brother (1-877-276-8437) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. 


If your machine is out of warranty, you can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center using the information listed above.

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