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How do I install the ribbon refill?

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Please follow the steps listed below for installing a replacement ribbon.  To view a video with step-by-step instructions click here.

NOTE: The Brother machine uses the PC201 print cartridge. The ribbon refills you can use in this cartridge are PC202RF or PC204RF.

1. Open the recording paper cover by pressing the release button located on the top right side of the unit.


2. Remove the PC-201 Print Cartridge from the machine by lifting it out using the black tabs on both sides of the cartridge.


CAUTION: Removal of the print cartridge will expose the print head, which can be extremely HOT so please avoid contact with the print head.


3. Place the cartridge on a flat surface with the label closest to you and the indented arrow on cartridge pointing away from you.


4. Turn the cartridge over.


5. The blue gear will be closest to you and on the right hand-side.


6. Open the cartridge covers by releasing the four latches (one latch on either end of each cover).


7. The PC-201 can be refilled with ribbon from the PC202RF or PC204RF refill package


8. Remove the refill from the packaging and the rubber band that secures it


9. Place the refill on a flat surface with the small spool closest to you. (The ribbons shiny side should be face down)


10. Remove the expired ribbon from the cassette and place it on a flat surface next to the refill ribbon making sure the larger spool of the expired ribbon is closest to you with the blue gear on the right side.


11. Remove the blue gear from the used ribbon and install it into the refill ribbon


12. The blue gear should be installed into the spool end that is colored blue. Take care to align the slots of the spool with the gear


13. Remove the white gear from the used ribbon and install onto the new refill ribbon, aligning the slots of the spool with the gear.


14. Remove the two black gears from the used ribbon and install them onto the new refill ribbon again aligning the slots with the gears.


15. The used ribbon can be disposed of according to local regulations


16. Place the plastic ribbon cartridge holder so that the casing cover with the ribbed lines on top is the furthest away from you.


17. Place the roll with the white and black gears into the casing of the cartridge closest to you.  The shiny side of the ribbon should be facing down.


18. Close the cover and lock the latches into place.


19. Place the roll with the blue and black gears into the casing furthest away from you. Again, close the cover and lock the latches into place.


20. Turn the cassette over so that the label on the cassette is closest to you


21 Carefully tighten any slack in the ribbon by turning the blue and black gears clockwise.


22. Place the cartridge in the machine with the indented arrow pointing towards the back of the machine


23.  Close the top cover applying equal pressure to both sides of the cover.

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