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Description of Problem 100000011483

Why is my unit typing the wrong characters?

Description of Solution 200000014721

If you are getting incorrect letters for the keys you press, you may check the following to correct the issue.

1. Make sure you are using the English Brougham 10 pitch daisywheel in your ML-100 and not an International daisywheel that has INT on the upper right hand corner of the daisywheel.

2. Make sure the Keyboard setting is set to I for English. The Keyboard setting switch is located inside the machine on the right hand corner.

3. You may then reset your daisywheel. Hold down the CODE key,while holding press the Reset key (Q). Then release.

If the wrong characters continue printing, your daisywheel may be need to be replaced. Once you have replaced the daisywheel, reset machine again. If problem persists contact your Authorized Brother Service Center. You may locate your authorized Brother service center by contacting us as 1-877-BROTHER (276-8437) or online from the web link below.

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