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Description of Problem 100000011500

How can I correct a Cutter Error?

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The machine will display this message when the cutter does not operate correctly, which can be a result of a blocked tape exit path or blocked movement of the cutter blade.  Before continuing we recommend that you remove any object that may be blocking the tape exit path.  After that has been completed we recommend that you reset the cutter:

1. Power off the machine and disconnect the AC adapter from the right hand side of the machine.

2. Wait one minute and connect the AC adapter to the right hand side of the machine.

3. Press the ON/OFF key to turn on the machine's power.

If the issue continues the machine will require service.

The machine has 90 days / one year limited warranty and replacement service. If the machine is in warranty, call Brother Customer Service at 1-877-Brother (1-877-276-8437) for warranty options.

If the machine is out of warranty, contact a Brother Authorized Service Center for repair, go to the link below:

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