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Printer Friendly
Description of Problem 100000011673

Communication error when printing from Windows 2000 or XP.

Description of Solution 200000014939

Use the following steps to resolve the Communication Error:

1. Power off the PTouch label printer and disconnect the USB cable from the computer.

Note: Do not reconnect the USB cable to the PTouch until prompted.

2. Download and install the newest version of the printer driver. Click the link below to access the software download page. After clicking I Accept on the license agreement page select the option to Save the printer driver file. Save the file to the Desktop.

3. Once the download is complete, double click the downloaded printer driver file on the desktop to extract the file. In Windows XP click Run to run the file.

4. Open the new folder created on the desktop (it will have the same name as the downloaded printer driver file). Double click the file DSETUPU.EXE to start the installation.

5. On the first screen select Replace with new Brother PTouch.

6. Carefully follow the installation instructions to complete the installation. Do not connect the USB cable to the PTouch until prompted.

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