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How do I clear the message "Jam Tray 1" from the display?

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To clear the message "Jam Tray 1", follow the steps listed below:


1. Press the JOB CANCEL key on the control panel.


2. Power the machine off by using the power switch located on the right side of the machine.


3. Pull the paper tray completely out of the machine.



4. Remove any jammed paper by slowly pulling it out of the machine.


5. Verify the paper you are using meets the recommended specifications:


Recommended Paper Type:


Plain paper:

Xerox 4200DP 20lb

Hammermill Laser Print (24 lb)



Avery laser labels white #5160



Columbian #138 (COM10)


Recommend Paper Size:


Standard paper tray (Tray 1): Up to 250 sheets (20 lb)

Optional Tray 2: Up to 500 sheets (20 lb)


Plain Paper 16 - 28 lbs.

Recycled Paper 16 - 28 lbs.

Thin Paper 16 - 20 lbs.

A4, Letter, Legal, Executive, A5, A6, B5 (ISO), B6 (ISO) and Folio (8 in x 13 in.)


Multi-purpose tray (MP tray):  Up to 50 sheets (20 lb, plain paper) or Up to 3 envelopes


Plain Paper 16 - 28 lbs.

Recycled Paper 16 - 28 lbs.

Thin Paper 16 - 20 lbs.

Bond Paper 16 - 43 lbs.

Thick Paper 28 - 43 lbs.



Width: 2.75 to 8.5 in.

Length: 4.57 to 16.0 in.


CAUTION: Brother color laser models do not support printing on photo or glossy paper. Do not use inkjet specific paper as it may cause major damage to the machine, which would not be covered under warranty


The machine is designed to work well with most types of xerographic and bond paper. However, some paper variables may have an effect on print quality and handling reliability. Always test samples of paper before purchasing large quantities to ensure desirable performance. Use neutral paper; do not use acidic or alkaline paper. Use long grain paper. Use paper with moisture content of approximately 5%. This machine can use recycled paper that meets DIN 19309 specifications.


6. Verify the paper is loaded correctly:


a. Remove the paper from the paper tray.


b. Adjust the tray for the width of the paper by pressing the lever on the right hand side green paper guide and sliding the guides to fit the paper size. Make sure the guides are firmly in the slots marked for the paper size you are using.


NOTE: If the back paper guide is not adjusted properly you could potentially damage the machines mechanism.


c. Fan the stack of paper well to avoid paper-feeding problems.


d. Put the paper into the paper tray with the top edge of the paper first and the print side face down. The tray can hold up to 250 sheets of 20 lb paper.


e. Make sure the paper is flat in the tray and below the maximum paper mark. The maximum paper marks are located on the top of the right and left green paper guides (down arrow mark).  


f. Using a lint-free cloth that is damp with water, clean the paper tray separator pad and roller. While cleaning the roller, roll the roller toward the front of the paper tray.



g. Press the front cover release handle located above the Brother logo and open the front cover.



h. Clean the machine paper feed rollers. Using a lint-free cloth that is damp with water, clean the 3 paper pick-up rollers inside the machine. While cleaning the rollers, roll the rollers toward the front of the machine.



i. Close the front cover.


j. Push the paper tray firmly back into the machine.


7. Open the back cover. Remove any loose paper.


8. Close the back cover.


9. Power the machine back on.


- If the message "Jam Tray 1" continues to appear on the display, continue to STEP 10.


- If the message Jam Tray 1 does not appear on the display, print a test page by pressing  MENU, 4 (Printer), 2 (Print Options), 3 (Test Print).  and COLOR START.


- If the page prints, the issue is resolved.


- If the problem continues, continue to STEP 10.


10. Press the cover release lever to open the front cover.


11. Once the front cover is opened, look for a black roller on the front door that has a split.


12.  After locating the black roller, look for a black lever in the area below the split. The lever should be sticking up.



13. Push the black lever in and then release it. The lever should go back to its original position.


-  If the lever returns to its original posting, continue to STEP 14.


-  If the lever does not move or appears stick, try to release it using your finger or a pen. If the lever does not move refer to WARRANTY AND SERVICE OPTIONS below.


14. Print a test page by pressing Menu, 4 (Printer), 2 (Print Options), 3 (Test Print) and Color Start.


- If the page prints the issue is resolved.


- If the problem continues refer to WARRANTY AND SERVICE OPTIONS below.





If your machine is within warranty, please call Brother Customer Service Center at 1-877-Brother (1-877-276-8437). The center is open Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.


If your machine is out of warranty, you can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center (ASC) in your area by clicking on the link below: or by calling the number listed above.



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