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Description of Problem 100000013122

When printing or saving a label in the PTouch Editor the error ADO/db Cannot initialize engine is displayed.

Description of Solution 200000016885

The error message ADO/db Can Not Initialize Engine or The index file library.idx cannot be opened means that the Microsoft components in your PC got corrupted.  The PTouch Editor needs these components to work properly in order to connect to its library and internal/external database.   If you do not need to store the templates history to the PTouch Library and also have no need to connect it to the label list or external files such as Access, Excel, CSV, etc. then you can follow the instruction from the link below to set it up.


If you do need the PTouch Library and/or database connection, you may need to contact Microsoft for further support.  Otherwise, you may have to back up all your data and then re-install the Operating System.


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