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How do I transfer or download my label template with the database to thelabel printer?

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1. Open the P-touch Editor program, select a New Layout or Open an Existing Layout.

2. Click on File, go to Database and select Connect. A warning window may appear explaining: If this command is applied, Label List is closed.Click OK.

3. In the Open Database dialog box select your saved MDB, XLS, CSV or TXT file and then click Open.

4. Depending on what type of file type you are importing a screen may appear prompting you to select a stop character (CSV), table (MDB) or stop signal (TXT). Make a selection then click OK.

5. If the database file type is XLS or MDB, a Select Database Editing Mode dialog box will appear. Select an editing mode and click OK.

6. If the Merge Fields dialog box appears select the layout object then the database field. Click OK.

7. The records will now be displayed in the Editor program.

8. Click on the database window to make it the active window. At the Menu bar click on Database and select Merge into Layout.

9. Select the desired Object Type (Text, Barcode, etc.). Select the fields you wish to display on the label and then click OK.

10. Arrange the text as you like on the screen. Select a record on the database window to view on the layout window.

11. Go to the PT-1650 Label printer; hold down the Code key and Press On/Off key once to turn on the machine. You should see the USB with thePC and PTouch icon displayed on the PT1650 screen. Ensure the USB cableis connected to both the PC and the Label printer.

12. Go back to the P-touch Editor's screen, click on File and select Transfer Template to open the P-touch Transfer Manager window.

Note: If the Transfer Template is grayed out. Click on File and select Printer/Page Setup. Under the Printer Setup tab, select the ApplicationMatching Printer, click on the Drop down arrow to select Brother PT-1650and then click OK.

13. In the P-touch Transfer Manager window, click on the name of the label under the Transfer Name field you wish to transfer. Right click on selected label name, click on Key Assign, and select the PF key number where you want to store the label template.

14. Click on the Transfer icon and then OK to download the label template and database to the label printer.

15. Click OK when a message displays: The transfer was completed successfully.

16. Go to the PT-1650, press ON/OFF key twice to turn it off and then turn it back on.

17. Hold down Code key and press the PF key that stores the information that you#ve just downloaded from the PC. Press the New Block (carriage return) key to view the database records. Press the down arrow key to select the row that you want to print, press the New Block key to view or edit the selected record. When you are done, press Print button to print out a label.

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