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How do I add the printer driver in Macintosh OS X using Bonjour?

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1.    If you have not already connected the machine to your network, you will need to do so using the initial network setup instructions from the Quick Setup Guide before attempting to add the printer driver. 


2.    Open Print & Scan. Refer to the following solution for instructions if needed - "How do I open Print & Scan in Macintosh OS X?"


3.    Click the + (plus) button located below the Printers section on the left side.


NOTE: If you receive a pop-up showing "Nearby Printers", click Add Other Printer or Scanner.



4.    Click the Default icon, which is located at the top of the window.


5.    Select your machine from the Printer Name list.


6.    From the Use or Print Using list, make sure that you have selected the CUPS Driver (Recommended) shown as: Brother XXXXXX CUPS. (XXXXXX is the machine's model).


If you want to print using the PostScript Driver (not available for all models):

Make sure that you have selected the BR-Script Driver shown as Brother XXXXXX BR-Script. (XXXXXX is the machine's model).


7.    Click Add. The printer is now available in the Print list.



8.    Select Quit System Preferences from the Apple Menu. The setup is now complete.



























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