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Why does one inch piece of lead tape feed prior to every label that prints out? How can this tape waste be eliminated?

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There is approximately one inch of space between the print head and the cutter blade within the P-touch label printer. The three layers of material that make up all P-touch labels must pass over this space in order to be sealed correctly and to feed correctly. Ordinarily a small piece of tape, 1 inch long, will first precede the printed label to ensure that this happens. This extra feed material cannot be eliminated. However, there are Margin options that can reduce the amount of wasted tape.


The Narrow Margin and Chain Print options greatly reduce the amount of wasted tape by using smaller margins and eliminating blank sections cut between labels. 


Narrow Margin: The P-touch label printer feeds an inch of blank tape, prints two dots before printing the label. Cut along the printed dots with a scissors. The text will be center with a 0.16 inch (4 mm) left and right margin. 


Chain Print: Use this setting to print a strip of labels with minimum margin between each label.  The P-touch label printer feeds an inch of blank tape before printing the first label. After the label is printed, a message “OK to Feed?” appear on the display.  Press the BS key for NOT to feed the tape.  Clear the text on display and create another label, do not clear the format, just the text.  Continue creating and printing labels along the strip of tape.  When the message “OK to Feed?” appear after the last label printed, press the Enter key.  After the machine stop feeding the tape press the cutter lever to cut off the strip of labels.


1. Press the FUNCTION key to display the menu.


2. Press the LEFT or the RIGHT arrow key until Margin is displayed.


3. Press the ENTER key (above the FUNCTION key).


4. Select the Margin options using the LEFT or RIGHT arrow key.


5. Press the ENTER key to apply the setting.

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