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Why won't my labels stick to the surface?

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When the labels don't adhere properly, check the following items:

1. The surface must be free of contaminants (i.e. dust, oil, grease, etc). Clean the surface; most household cleaners are adequate. Be

careful to dry the surface thoroughly.

2. The surface should be at or near room temperature, if it is too hot, the adhesive will not set properly and the label can move. If the surface is too cold, the adhesive could become less tactile and may not form a good bond with the surface.

3. Not all materials accept labels. Test the surface by applying a piece of transparent tape. If the transparent tape sticks, but the labels do not, contact Brother Customer Support at 1-877-BROTHER (276-8437).

4. Locate the lot number on the tape cartridge ( the number is stamped in black ink on the outside of the TZ cartridge

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