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Description of Problem 100000014549

How do I get the barcode numbers to print under the barcode?

Description of Solution 200000018775

In-order to print the numbers under the barcode; the tape has to be at least 3/8 inch wide.

1. Press the Code key.

2. Press the BarCode key; PROTOCOL and the type of barcode should be on the display. If the barcode type needs to be change, press the Up or Down arrow key until the desire barcode type is displayed.

3. Press the Right arrow key to go to the next option, keep pressing theRight arrow key until UNDER# is displayed.

4. Press the Down arrow key to change the setting from OFF to ON.

5. Press the Return (New Block) key to apply the setting.

6. Press the BarCode key to create a barcode.

7. Enter the data for the barcode.

8. Press the Return (New Block) key.

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