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Description of Problem 100000014842

Why does the message COMM.ERROR appear on the display when I try to send or receive a fax?

Description of Solution 200000019136

The message Comm Error may appear on the display if the fax transmissionor reception fails. A number of difficulties may cause a transmission/reception to fail thus creating this message. Please referto the following procedures to attempt to eliminate the message:

1. You may be experiencing a bad telephone connection. Try resending the documents and see if the message reappears.

2. If the message still appears, there may be something wrong with the way the Brother machine is connected or the you may have a bad telephoneline. Disconnect any other equipment on the telephone line, i.e. answering machine, modem, extra telephones, switching devices, adapters,etc. Make sure the telephone line is connected directly from the jack onthe Brother machine labeled "Line" to the telephone wall jack.

3. Try resending again. If the transmission is successful, the problem was created by the connection of the Brother machine or other equipment on the line. Reconnect the other equipment one at a time to see which piece of equipment maybe causing the problem. If the error continues to appear on the report, the user should try connecting the Brother machineto a different telephone line or have the line checked by the telephone company.

4. If Comm Error continues to be displayed, try, picking up the handset or press the hook button and verify the quality of the dial tone. If the dial tone is poor, you need to contact the local telephone company for further investigation. If the quality is clear, we recommend you try the unit on another line at the current or another location. This recommendation will help determine if the problem is with the unit or the phone line at your location.

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