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How do I transfer (download) a label layout from Editor 5.0 Express mode to the P-touch machine?

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1. Ensure the P-touch machine is in the “Transfer” mode; there should be an image of a PC and an image of the P-touch machine on the display.  If not, turn off the machine.  Hold down the Code key, while holding down the Code key press the On/Off once and then release the Code key.


2. With the layout opened in Editor 5.0 Express mode, click on File and select Transfer Template.  The P-touch Transfer Manager window will be open.


3. In the “P-touch Transfer Manager” window it will have the “Name, Size, Type, Date, and Key Assign” of the label layout, all in a single row.  The “Key Assign (PF#)” is the location where the layout will be downloaded to the P-touch machine.  To change the location, click on the layout name so that the row is highlighted.  Right click the mouse button, go down to Key Assign, and then select a location.  There are 10 locations PF 0-9.


4. With the layout row highlighted, click on the Transfer icon in the Command bar and a dialog box will appear.  If the Transfer icon is gray out or nothing occur, ensure the P-touch machine is in the Transfer mode.


5. Click OK to send the layout file to the P-touch machine.  A dialog box will appear indicating that the unit is operating.


6. When it is finish downloading the layout file, a dialog box will appear indicating that it was completed.  Click OK to close the dialog box.

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