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How do I install my Ptouch driver on the Macintosh OS 10.1 or greater?

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Please download the latest driver from the Brother web site


After downloading the PTouch/Label driver to the Macintosh's desktop, double click on the downloaded file to proceed with the driver's installation and then follow the default/prompt steps until the installation is completed.


Please do the following steps to add your PTouch/Label machine to the Printer Utility Window.


1)    Plug in the USB cable to both the PTouch machine and Macintosh, and then turn on power on the PTouch/Label machine

2)    Double click on Macintosh's Hard drive

3)    Double click on Applications folder

4)    Double click on Utilities folder

5)    Double click on Printer Setup Utility icon

6)    Click ADD+

7)    Scroll down to the bottom to select your PTouch/label model

8)    Click ADD

9)    Close Printer List window

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