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My Brother machine's LCD reads Replace Ink - Cannot Print . What can Ido?

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The messageCannot Print - Replace Ink means that the ink cartridge(s) displayed on the LCD of your Brother machine is empty.

- If the Black ink cartridge is empty, your Brother machine will stop all print operations. The Black ink cartridge must be replaced.

-If one of the color cartridges is empty, you can click on the link below for instructions on using the Black and White mode.

- While memory is available, black and white faxes will be stored in your Brother machine#s memory.

- If someone sends you a color fax, your Brother machine will request that it be sent in black and white. If the sending machine is able to convert the fax, it will be stored in your Brother machine#s memory as ablack and white fax.

To clear the Replace Ink message, you must replace the ink cartridge(s) indicated on your Brother machine#s LCD.

To view illustrated instructions for replacing your ink cartridges, go to the website listed below:

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