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How can I improve the Scan Quality?

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Scan quality can be affected by several factors.  The following suggestions may improve scan quality:


-      Check copy quality first.  If the copy quality is not acceptable clean the following areas with a lint-free cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol and check the copy quality again.  If you can't improve the Copy quality, you will need to refer to a solution for your model: How can I improve my Brother machine's copy quality?   


o   The large scanner glass of the flat bed.


o   The large white plastic film located on the underside of the document cover.


o   (Automatic Document Feed ADF machine's only)  The thin glass strip located to the left of the flat bed scanner glass.


o   (Automatic Document Feed ADF machine's only) The white plastic pressure bar located to the left of the white film.


-      If the copy quality is acceptable but the scan quality is not, then this could indicate a limitation of the scanning software.


-      Turn the Brother machine off for 30-45 seconds, and then turn it back on.  Scan again to determine if the quality has improved.


-      Some programs will display an image in a reduced size or resized image on the display and have options to view actual size or zoom in/out.  Make sure you are actually viewing the actual size of the scan.


-      Among other properties, you can configure the following settings in order to improve scan quality.  You may need to try several combinations of settings to achieve the best quality and file size for your needs:


o   Resolution: This is how sharp an image will be based on the dots per inch scanned (DPI).  The higher the DPI the clearer the image will be, however the scan time and document size will increase.


o   Scan Type:  This is the color scan option.  The higher the color quality selected the longer the scan job will take to complete and the larger the file size will be.


-      Your computer's video card and monitor could have an effect on the appearance of the scan. Verify the settings for the video card and the monitor have the ability to reproduce the scan properly. If the driver settings are set to lower resolutions than used for scanning, then image quality will be affected.  Contact your PC vendor for support.




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