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How do I clear the message "Cannot Detect" from the display?

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The message Cannot Detect will appear on the display of the Brother machine after installing an ink cartridge(s) if the cartridge was installed too quickly.  Verify the ink cartridges are installed correctly by following the steps listed below:




- Brother strongly recommends that customers use only genuine Brother ink for best results.  Using non-Brother supplies may affect the hardware performance, print quality and machine reliability since the ink formulation in genuine Brother ink cartridges prevent smearing and clogging of the print head.  The Brother limited warranty does not apply to any problem that was caused by the use of third party ink and/or cartridges.


- Removing the yellow protective cap from the ink cartridge with the cartridge upside down, could create air pockets in the cartridge.

The correct position to hold the cartridge when removing the yellow protective cap is to hold it with the yellow cap to the side.


- Removing the yellow protective cap without twisting the green knob to pressurize the cartridge, could also create air pockets in the cartridge.


1.  Open the ink cartridge cover door.


2.  Push the 4 colored levers down and remove the ink cartridges from the machine.


3.  Each color has its own correct position to match the color of the cartridges with the color of the levers. Reinstall the ink cartridges one at a time. Install the cartridges slowly, the direction of the arrow on the label until it clicks into place. Continue with the next ink cartridge.


4.  After all four cartridges are installed close the ink cartridge cover.


5.  If you replaced an ink cartridge, the LCD may ask you to verify that it was a brand new one. For example, Did You Change Black? For each new cartridge you installed, press 1 (Yes).  If the ink cartridge you installed is not a brand new one, be sure to press 2 (No).


If you mix the colors by installing an ink cartridge in the wrong position, clean the print head several times after correcting the cartridge installation.


Once you open an ink cartridge, install it in the machine and use it up within six months of installation. Use unopened ink cartridges by the expiration date written on the cartridge package.


If the problem continues and your machine is within warranty, you can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center (ASC) in your area by clicking on the link below: or contact Brother Customer Service by calling 1-877-Brother (1-877-276-8437) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. 


If your machine is out of warranty, you can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center using the information listed above.



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