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How do I download and install the latest Label or Ptouch Driver from your Website?

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Please perform the following steps for installing the PTouch Label driver:


Important: Please confirm whether your Operating System version is 32 bit or 64 bit.


For Windows 8, click Desktop icon, right click on Computer, and click Properties,

Your operating system version is displayed under System Type.


For Other Windows OS types, click Start icon in the bottom left corner of the desktop, right click on Computer, and click Properties;

Your operating system version is displayed under System Type.



1. Go to


Note: Steps below are setup for using Windows Internet Explorer browser.  Please make sure you are familiar with how your browser saves downloaded files.

2. Enter your model number and click Search button or select a Product Group Labeling Systems, the Model, and then click on the Go button.

3. Under Download & Drivers, click on Downloads on our Online Solution Center.

4. Click Downloads, select your Operating System and OS version, and then click on the Search button.

5. Under Drivers, click Printer Driver.

6. Read the End-User License Agreement then click Agree to the EULA and Download.

7. Click Save button.



8. Click Open folder button




9. Double click on the downloaded file



10. Click Unzip button.  Please note the file location you are extracting the file to.



11. After the file was unzipped successfully, it will create a sub-folder with a same name as a downloaded file in step 10. 




a)   If you have PT1230PC or PT2430PC model, set the switch lever in the rear of the machine to E mode (down position).


b)   If you have PTP700, PTP750W, or QL700 model and Editor Lite lamp is ON, press and hold down until the Editor Lite (PLite) lamp goes off.

12. Double click on this sub-folder, double click on D_SETUP and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process.


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