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Why does the indicator light flash red?

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The indicator light flashing red is an indication that the MW-260 has detected an error.

1. Please check to see that there is a paper cassette properly installedand that the cassette does have paper in it. If the paper cassette is installed correctly the paper check window will display the paper cassette type installed.

2. There is a possibility that the paper has not fed properly. Open thepaper cassette cover. Remove the paper cassette. Pull out the misfed paper, being careful not to tear the paper. Ensure the entire sheet of paper has been removed. Note: Do not put the removed sheet back into the paper cassette.

3. There may have been a problem with communications. Check the device the document is coming from for error messages and follow the suggestions given. If using the IrDA port ensure there are no obstaclesin the line of sight between the PDA and the MW-260. Ensure that the printer is not farther than 20 cm, about 8 inches, from the PDA.

4. There is a possibility that the MW-260 is overheated. Allow the MW-260 to cool down and try again.

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