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How can I send and receive faxes in Manual Mode?

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For information and instructions on receiving a fax in Manual mode continue to STEP 1. For information and instructions on sending a fax Manually go to STEP 2.


- In this setting the fax machine will not answer incoming calls automatically (unless using Distinctive Ringing Feature).

- You must answer all incoming calls manually and determine whether it is a voice or fax. Voice calls are answered in the same manner as a telephone. If you answer a call using the machine handset and hear a fax tone, press the FAX START key. If you answer a call from an extension phone, you need to either press the Activation Code *51 to receive the fax or have Easy Receive activated.

-With Easy Receive active, you listen from the extension phone to verifythat your fax machine has answered and then hang up. The fax machine will automatically answer the call.

- If you do not answer the incoming call, you will not receive the fax.

- To put the machine in Manual Mode, press the RECEIVE MODE key until MANUAL appears on the display. After 2 second, The LCD returns to the date and time display, along with your selection MNL.


- Manual transmission lets you hear the dial tone, ringing and fax receiving tones before sending the fax.

a. Place the original face down in the ADF (automatic document feeder).

b. Pick up the handset and listen for a dial tone


Press SPEAKER PHONE and listen for a dial tone.

c. Enter the fax number you want to call.

d. When you hear the fax tone, press FAX START

e. If you#re using the handset, hang up.

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