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Description of Problem 100000016238

How do I clear the message Cutter Jam from the LCD?

Description of Solution 200000020862

The message Cutter Jam will appear if paper is jammed in the cutter. To clear the jam follow the steps listed below:

1. Unplug the Brother machine from the AC power outlet.

2. Open the top cover, by lifting it up and towards the back of the Brother machine.

3. Pull the blue release lever on the print head and raise it.

4. Gently turn the paper roll towards the front of the machine to roll out the jammed paper.

5. Pull out as much paper as possible. If you can not get all the paper to back out of the Brother machine, cut it and place the paper roll to the side.

6. Pull on the lever in front of the white roller on the left. This willlift the front cutter cover open and allow you access to paper that might be jammed there. After clearing any paper from the opening and cutter, close the cover making sure it clicks into place.

7. Plug the Brother machine into the power outlet.

8. Cut a straight edge on the paper roll.

9. Reload the fax paper into the Brother machine.

- The paper comes off the bottom of the roll towards the front of the Brother machine.

- Raise the paper enough so it can pass over the plastic chute and feed through the slot where the arrow is seen

- Push the paper through until it comes out the front of the Brother machine.

- Keep the paper stretched tightly.

10. Close the top cover and the Brother machine will cut off the excess paper.

11. Press the HELP key to print out a Help List.

If the problem continues your machine will require service.

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