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Can my Brother machine print a report to verify a fax I sent was received? transmission verification, xmit

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You can use the Transmission Report as proof that you sent a fax. This report lists the name or fax number of the receiving party, the time anddate of transmission, and if the transmission was successful. When the feature is OFF, the report is printed automatically only if there#s an error during transmission. If the report indicates NG, send the documentagain.

- If the report indicates you should check the readability of certain pages, resend those pages.

- For successful transmissions, you can print the Transmission Report for the last fax by pressing the TRANS. VERIFY key (located in the top row of keys to the right of the LCD).

When the feature is ON, the report is printed with every fax you send.

1. Press Function , 7 (REPORTS) , 1 (XMIT REPORT).

2. Press LEFT ARROW or RIGHT to select ON (or OFF)

3. Press Set.

4. Press Stop to exit.


* Unsuccessful transmissions are indicated by NG in the RESULT column ofthe report.

* Successful transmissions are indicated by OK in the RESULT column of the report.

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