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Can I use voice mail on the same line as my Brother machine? voicemail

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If you have Voice Mail on the same telephone line as your Brother machine, Voice Mail and the Brother machine will conflict with each other when receiving incoming calls.

For example, if your Voice Mail is set to answer after 4 rings and your Brother machine is set to answer after 2 rings, then your Brother machine will answer first. This will prevent callers from being able to leave a message in your Voice Mail.

Similarly, if your Brother machine is set to answer after 4 rings and your Voice Mail is set to answer after 2 rings, then your Voice Mail will answer first. This will prevent your Brother machine from being able to receive an incoming fax, since Voice Mail cannot transfer the incoming fax back to the Brother machine.

To avoid conflicts between your Brother machine and your voice mail service, do one of the following:

Distinctive Ring is a function of your Brother machine that allows a person with one line to receive fax and voice calls through two different phone numbers on that one line.

Brother uses the term Distinctive Ring, but telephone companies market the service under a variety of names, such as Smart Ring, Ring Master orIdent-a-Ring. This service establishes a second telephone number on the same line as your existing telephone number, and each number has itsown ring pattern. Typically, the original number rings with the standardring pattern and is used for receiving voice calls, and the second number rings with a different ring pattern and is used for receiving faxes

VERY IMPORTANT: You must pay for your telephone company#s Distinctive Ring service before you program your Brother machine to work with it. Please contact your local telephone company for availability and rates. Please note that this service is not always called Distinctive Ring. It can be called Ident-a-Ring, Smart Ring, or Ring Master.

Once you have subscribed to your telephone company#s Distinctive Ring service, your Brother machine will need to be programmed to recognize the ring pattern that you want to designate as your fax number.

For additional information regarding #Distinctive Ring# refer to the solution "What is DistinctiveRing and how do I program it?


Set your Brother machine's Receive Mode to Manual" Manual Mode requires that you answer every incoming call if you want to be able to receive a fax. If the incoming call is a telephone call, then complete the call asyou normally would. If you hear fax sending tones you must transfer the call to the Brother machine by pressing * 5 1 on the dial pad of the telephone. Unanswered fax and voice calls will go to your Voice Mail.

To put the Brother machine in MANUAL

-. Press Mode. The screen displays your current selection (FAX ONLY, FAX/TEL, TAD:ANSWER MACH. or MANUAL

-. Continue to press Mode until MANUAL appears on the display.

- After 2 seconds, the screen returns to the date and time display, along with your new Answer Mode setting. If you#re changing Answer Modewhile in another operation, the screen Returns to the current operation display.

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