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Why does my machine display Check Battery! when I press the print key?

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1. If you are using batteries, the batteries power is low and need to be replaced.  Replace all six “AA” batteries, NOT just two or three.


Note: Do not use combination of rechargeable battery and alkaline battery.


 2. If using an AC power adapter, check the rating of the adapter.  The label on the adapter should indicates that it is an AD24 or AD24ES, a Switching Adapter with an Output of 9V 1.6A. The label should also indicate the + POSITIVE and the - NEGATIVE contacts of the adapter plug.  The outside surface of the tip at the end of the plug should be + POSITIVE and the inside contact should be - NEGATIVE. 


Using a wrong adapter can DAMAGE the machine internally, not covered by the warranty. You can order the adapter directly from Brother Accessory Sales Department at 1-877-552-6255 or at our website at     

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