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Description of Problem 100000016498

Why does the message Comm Error appear on the display when I try to send or receive a fax? Communication

Description of Solution 200000021172

The message "Comm Error" may appear on the display of the Brother machine if the machine experienced a communications error when sending or receiving a FAX. This is generally caused by either interference on the line, phone line connection , alarm system, or another device on theline.

1. Verify the Brother machine is not having a problem scanning by makinga copy. To make a copy, place a document face down in the ADF (automaticdocument feeder) and press the Copy key. Wait a few seconds and the machine will automatically start copying. If the machine is able to make a copy continue to STEP 2. If the machine is unable to make copy or the copy shows poor print quality go to STEP 5.

2. Lift the handset or press the hook button and verify the quality of the dial tone. If the dial tone is poor, you need to contact your telephone provider for further investigation. If the dial tone is clear continue to STEP 3.

3. Check the phone line connection. The telephone line must be connecteddirectly from the jack on the Brother machine labeled "Line" to the walljack. If the telephone line is plugged into any device other than the wall jack (surge protector, switching device, etc), remove the line fromthe device and plug the line directly into the wall jack. Removing the device assists in determining if the issue is related to the device or the Brother machine.

Note: To protect your investment against power surges and lightning, Brother strongly recommends that you connect your machine to a surge protector. In particular we suggest that you use a surge protector that is compatible with both standard A.C. power cords and telephone line cords. Surge protectors equipped with telephone jacks will assist in insulating your machine from any power surge that might travel through atelephone line.

4. Once the line connection is directly plugged into the wall jack, try to resend the fax. If the transmission is successful then the problem was created by the connection of the Brother machine to other devices orequipment on the line.

- If the message Comm Error continues to appear on the display you will need to have the telephone line checked out by your telephone provider or try connecting the Brother machine to a different telephone line.

5. If the machine is unable to make a copy, check the front and rear document sensors and document roller:

a. Open the top cover by lifting the cover up.

b. Verify the document roller is securely in place.

c. Verify the rear document sensor moves freely (not stuck or broken).

- If the roller is in place and the sensor moves freely continue to STEP6.

- If the roller is not in place or the sensor does not move your machinewill require service.

6. Clean the white pressure bar and the scanner glass strip with Isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth. We recommend unplugging the cord for safety.

a. The white pressure bar is located under the cover, in the front. The scanner glass strip is located in the base of the machine, in the front.

b. Dampen a lint-free cloth with the Isopropyl alcohol and wipe down the white pressure bar and glass.

c. Close the cover and wait for the LCD to return to date and time.

7. Make a copy to test by placing a document face down in the ADF (automatic document feeder) and press the Copy key. Wait a few seconds and the machine will automatically start copying.

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