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How do I install the P-touch software and driver from the CD?

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1. Change the position of the switch in the back/rear of the machine from EL to E (down position).

Note: Do not connect the USB cable to the PC at this time.

2. Insert the P-touch CD ROM in the computer's Read/Write CD ROM drive.

3. The P-touch Setup window pops up, click Standard Installation button.

4. Click Yes for the License Agreement.

5. Enter the User Name and Company Name and then click Next.

6. Click Next for the default Destination Folder.

7. Click Next to add shortcuts to Desktop and Quick Launch Bar.

8. Confirm the entered information and click Next.

9. If you are using Microsoft Add-In (printing labels) with Word, Excel,and Outlook then select the checkbox. Otherwise, click Next to continue.

10. Connect the Brother PT-2430PC to the PC via USB cable and then pressthe power button on the P-touch machine to turn it on.

After turning on the machine, a pop up should appear (by the PC clock) indicating a new hardware has been found.

11. Click Next in the product registration dialog box and click Finish to complete the installation.

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