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How do I create a new layout style template in P-touch Editor 5.0 so that it can be used with Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Word?

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1. Open the P-touch Editor 5.0 Application. If the New/Open window pops up (if not, click on the New/Open icon), click on the New tab and then click OK.

2. At this point there should be a blank label layout on the display. In Express Mode, click on the Check Media button on the left side of the display; this will automatically match the size of the label layout on the display to the label/tape inside the printer. For continues tape, you need to set the Length at menu bar on left side.

3. At the menu bar, click on Insert and then select Text. Select your Font type and size at the left menu bar.

4. Type the word Body inside the box on the blank layout.

5. Click on View at the menu bar and then select Properties.

6. In the Text Properties dialog box, click on the Expanded tab.

7. In the Expanded tab, locate Merge Fields; change the value from (None) to Body, and then click OK.

8. At the menu bar click on File and select Save As.

9. In the Save As pop up window, rename the highlighted text next to the File name field to anything you want.

10. For Save as type, click on the drop down arrow to change the value from Layout File (*.lbx) to Layout Style Template (*.lbx), and then click the Save button.

11. Click on File at the menu bar and select Exit to close the Editor program.

12. Open your Microsoft Outlook or Excel or Word application, highlight the data that you want to print out, and then click on P-touch icon.

*Note: If you do not see the P-touch icon displays in your application, close the application, click Start, go to All Programs, Brother P-touch,P-touch Tools, and select P-touch Editor 5.0 Add-Ins Utility. In the Brother P-touch Add-in Settings dialog box, select the checkbox in the Add for all the applications and then click OK.

13. The data that you selected will be displayed in the P-touch Editor#sExpress Mode with a new layout template that you#ve just created. If your new layout template is not displayed, click Format at the menu bar and select Apply Layout Style. In the Apply Layout Style window, click on My Templates, select the template that you have created, and then click OK.

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