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I am unable to print multiple copies from my Windows computer. When selecting multiple copies of a document to print only a single copy is printed. What can I do?

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This issue is likely caused by a damaged Print Processor, which is a component of the operating system and not a part of the Brother printer driver.  As a work around, you may set the driver to Print Directly to the Printer by completing the following steps:


NOTE:  Setting the driver to print directly to the printer may prevent you from printing large or complex print jobs.  Contact your computer manufacturer or System Admin for support with this feature.


1.    Open the Printer Folder.


NOTE: For instructions refer to: How do I open the Printers folder in Windows? 


2.    Access the driver properties:


-      Windows 7, 8, 8.1:  Right-click on the Brother printer driver and left click Printer Properties.


-      Windows XP, Vista: Right-click on the Brother printer driver and left click Properties.


3.    Click on the Advanced tab.


4.    Select Print Directly To The Printer.



5.    Click APPLY => OK


6.    Attempt to print a small (2 to 3 page) document.


-      If all pages print, then the issue is likely caused by a problem with the print spooler.


-      If all pages do not print, then the issue could be caused by a problem with the Windows print processor.


7.    You should contact your computer manufacturer, system admin or software vendor for further support.


NOTE: If there is an alternative driver available, such as the XML driver or BrScript driver, you may try using that driver as an alternative.

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