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How do I print envelopes, labels, or thick paper from the multipurpose tray (MP Tray)?

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When the back output tray is pulled down, the printer has a straight paper path from the MP tray through to the back of the printer. Use this paper feed and output method when you want to print on thick paper, labels, or envelopes.

Instructions with illustrations are available on the web site below.

1. Open the back cover (back output tray).

a. To prevent creasing of envelopes, adjust the envelope levers located in the back of machine by pushing down on the two blue levers until the arrow marks point to the envelope icons. These levers do not need to be adjusted for labels or thick paper. The web site below contains an illustration of the blue levers.

2. Open the MP tray and lower it gently. The MP tray on the front of the printer can be pulled open using the indentations on the sides of the printer.

3. Pull out the MP tray support flap on the MP tray using the half circle indentation on the top of the MP tray. You may also fold out the extension flap.

4. Put envelopes, labels, or thick paper in the MP tray. Make sure that the paper stays under the maximum paper mark imprinted on the paper guide levers.

When you put paper in the MP tray, remember the following:

- Put the leading edge (top of the paper) in first and push it gently into the tray.

- Make sure that the paper is straight and in the proper position in the MP tray. If it is not, the paper may not be fed properly, resulting in a skewed printout or a paper jam.


- DO NOT put more than 3 envelopes in the MP tray.

- Envelope joints that are sealed by the manufacturer should be secure.

- The side to be printed on must be face up.

- All sides of the envelope should be properly folded without wrinkles or creases.

5. While pressing the paper-guide release lever, slide the paper guide to fit the paper size.

6. Choose the Paper Size, Media Type, Paper Source, and any other settings you may want to make from the printer driver or print menu of the application you are using.

Note when printing envelopes :

- When you use Envelope #10, choose Com-10 for the Paper Size.

- For other envelopes which are not listed in the printer driver, such as Envelope #9 or Envelope C6, choose User Defined... (in Windows) or Custom Page Sizes (in Macintosh).

7. Send the print data to the printer.


- Remove each sheet or envelope at once after printing. Stacking the sheets or envelopes in the back output tray may cause the paper to jam or curl.

- If envelopes get smudged during printing set the Media Type to Thick Paper or Thicker Paper to increase the fixing temperature.

- (For Windows users) If DL size double flap envelopes are creased after printing, choose DL Long Edge in Paper Size, from the Basic tab. Put a new DL size double-flap envelope in the MP tray with the longest edge of the envelope in first, then print again.

8. If the two blue envelope levers where adjusted for envelope printing, lift them back to their original position. If the levers were not adjusted continue to next step.

9. Close the back cover.

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