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Description of Problem 100000017771

Why does my ribbon cartridge stop feeding during typing?

Description of Solution 200000022669

When the ribbon does not advance, the first thing to check is the ribbonitself.

1.Lift the ribbon out of the machine and visually inspect the cartridge for damage or if the ribbon is silver on either side. If silver is visible, replace the ribbon, it is at the end of the spool.

2.There is a colored knob on the left side of the cartridge, turn it counter-clockwise as indicated on the cartridge.

3.If the knob does not turn, the ribbon cartridge may be defective, try another ribbon.

4.Reinstall the ribbon and type a few characters, you should be able to see that the ribbon is now advancing.

If the problem continues Contact our Customer Support Center at 877-276-8437 take your machine to a local Brother Authorized Service Center. You can locate a local Brother Authorized Service Center by calling our automated phone system at 877-276-8437 . This system can provide you with either a verbal listing or a printed listing via facsimile. You can also locate a local Brother Authorized Service Centerfrom our website (

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