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How do I change the label length?

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1. Press the Fn (Function) key.

2. Press the Left or the Right arrow key until “Label length” is displayed.

3. Press the OK key; the current label length will be on the display.

4. Press the Left or the Right arrow key until the desired length is displayed.  You can also enter the desired length with the number keys.

Note: The Length of a label can be set from 1.2 inch up to 12 inches; the default is “Auto”.

Note: To return to “Auto” press the SPACE key. In “Auto” the machine will automatically change the length to fit the text.

5. Press the OK key to apply the selected length.

Note: After the label is printed, cut along the two dots (:) printed at the beginning of the label with scissors so that the length of the label will match the setting of the machine.

Note: If the amount of text does not fit the label length, the error message “Text Too Long!” will appear on the display.  The amount of text needs to be decrease or increase the “Label Length”.

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